Segalla’s Turnkey Housing


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service from beginning to end during our building project. We appreciate the time and consideration you put into helping us to design a house that really works for us. The seemingly countless hours you spent at the kitchen table listening to us bicker over details really paid off-we love our house! You have a keen eye for detail, and your experience was invaluable to us as we navigated arenas that were totally foreign to us. Your candid opinions and sage advice are largely responsible for the really great finished product we ended up with.

As a complement to your professionalism, we extend our kudos to your crew! Every single person who showed up at the site to work was friendly, knowledgeable, and went out of his way to answer our questions and to help us gain a better understanding of whatever task he was working on. From Westchester’s set crew to the finish carpenters and painters, we were totally impressed with the level of service extended to us. Not to mention we were easily moved in before the 90 days were up!

We can’t say enough great things about our building experience with Segallas, and we love every opportunity we get to sing your praises. Perhaps what impressed us most was your unflappable honesty-even when you could have made a buck at our expense, you always presented us with several options as to how things could be done more affordably. In this day and age, individuals possessing this sort of honesty and integrity are few and far between.

Please extend our appreciation and thanks to Chad and Bob Sr. as well. Your are a fine team with which to work.